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  • Gangaramaya Nawama Maha Perehara – on 09th & 10th February 2017 Thursday 9th February 2017

      The Navam Perahera, held annually in February, displays the rich religious and cul.. more

  • Vesak Festival Monday 30th January 2017

    Vesak is the main Buddhist religious festival in Sri Lanka. During this time, people celebrate th.. more

  • Kala Pola 2017 Monday 16th January 2017

    Drawing inspiration from similar open-air Art Fairs in Europe, notably Montmartre in the French c.. more

  • Aluviharaya

    Aluvihare is a rock monastery located in a picturesque valley 3km north of Matale on the Kandy-Dambulla section of the A9 route, so it is conveniently located for those traversing the Cultural Triangle. It is easily recognised from the road as it has...

    Destination : Matale

  • Abhayagiri Dageba

    "Abhayagiri", one of seventeen such religious units in Anuradhapura and the largest of its five major viharas. Surrounding the humped dageba, Abhayagiri Vihara was a seat of the Northern Monastery, or Uttara Vihara. The term "Abhayagiri Vihara" means...

    Destination : Anuradhapura

  • Adams Peak

    From December to April, pilgrims converge to climb the 2224m (7295ft) Adam's Peak. At the top is a huge 'footprint', claimed by Muslims to belong to Adam, who stood there in expiation of his sin in the Garden of Eden. Never mind that Budd...

    Destination : Ratnapura

  • Ahangama- Midigama

    Home to a Unique type of technique. Silt fishing is a popular fishing method in the area and a very beautiful scenery to watch especially during sunset. Ahangama is also a popular surfing location and relatively less crowded than the surfing location...

    Destination : Galle

  • Alahana Pirivena

    Alahana Pirivena was a Buddhist monastic university. It consisted of many separate apartments laid out to a regular plan. Each apartment was two-storied with tiled roofs and had its own living unit. However, the bath-house, refectory and other facili...

    Destination : Polonnaruwa

  • Ambalangoda - Mask museums

    you can view the traditional mask craftsmen busy in their trade at workshops. On display at museums are masks symbolizing all the vivid characters, demons, gods, heroes & villains who appear in traditional mask dances. You will have an opportunit...

    Destination : Aluthgama

  • Ambalangoda -Mask Factory

    The town is famous for masks & puppets. The traditional masks are carved from light Balsa like Kaduru wood (Nux vomica). Kaduru trees grow in the marshy lands bordering paddy fields. The wood is smoke dried for a week in preparation. The hand car...

    Destination : Aluthgama

  • Anuradhapura

    Anuradhapura is Sri Lanka's first capital, a potent symbol of Sinhalese power, and the most extensive and important of Sri Lanka's ancient cities. For over 1000 years, Sinhalese kings, and occasional South Indian interlopers, ruled from the P...

    Destination : Anuradhapura

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