Big Game Camp Uda.

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Big Game Safari Udawalawe National Park is the only accommodation provider on the eastern border, making your safari camping experience all the more exclusive.

The campsite is located in a sizable clearing, with the camp being set up utilising the space available, while ensuring spaciousness to create a roomy environment for optimal viewing of the area’s natural beauty. The camp is located close to a man-made tank (reservoir), which is visited by many species of birds, butterflies and other animals, adding to the beauty of the area. There is enough space at the campsite for children and big families to have a great time.

Although the Udawalawe National Park spans Sri Lanka’s wet and dry zones, the campsite is located in the dry zone, and the flora and fauna are specific to the area.

The Big Game Safari campsite Udawalwe National Park is set up in an area of wilderness, and elephants may be visible at the borders of the camp. An ‘Elephant Fence’ has been set up on the borders as a precaution, as these gentle giants have taken a liking to our rice sacks in the kitchen more than their green grass! Though elephants are not usually aggressive, a sudden encounter with a human, especially at night, could startle them into an act of self-defence. The fence has been set up to avoid this.

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