Kosgoda-Turtle Hatchery

August 14, 2020

At the north end of Induruwa is one of the turtle hatcheries set up to protect turtle eggs till they hatch. Turtle eggs, which would otherwise be eaten, are bought for a few rupees each from local fishermen & re-buried along the beach. Once hatched, the baby turtles are kept in holding tanks. Small tanks contain hundreds of one to three-day old turtles, as well as larger one, including an albino, kept for the collection.

In the night, you can release a three-day-old turtle into the Indian Ocean to fend off itself. The beauty of the operation is the beaches are guaranteed the female baby turtles released herein will find their way back, in the depths of seven seas to their natal beach ten years later to lay their own eggs. Five of the world’s seven species of marine turtle visit Sri Lanka’s beaches to nest, a rare ecological blessing.

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